The Process of Starting a Brewery

After a few nudges about options for blog updates, it seems a couple few individuals want to know more about the process of getting to the point of leasing a space.  I hope to do this over a series of posts and itemize the process into a series of steps that make it easy to follow.  Hopefully this will become a little more of a how to for people, rather than what my blog has become, which is more just what we are doing.  Please remember that I am based in East Vancouver, Canada and my experience is largely influenced by the Province of BC and the City of Vancouver.  Also remember that many of the items on this blog aren’t relegated to one silo, they overlap several, if not all the phases of the opening.

To give you an idea, its been about 8 years since I had this dream that wouldn’t leave my head.  I’m not saying you should take this long, but patience will be key.  As I have always indicated, cash is king and it is so important to keep this at the forefront of everything you do.  I find its easy to spend money, but harder to save it, which is more important.

Anyhow, I hope to add to the subpages as items come to mind.  For now, this is definitely a partial list of things.


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