Those Floors are becoming a lot more stable

Another short post today, as I have a bunch of items to tend to.  We have been gathering quotes, engineers information, opinions, and mixing them all together with our budget and timeline and it looks like we are getting close to making a decision on our floors.

At first glance, our floors seemed like they were not solid enough to build and construct things on top of.  However, since this time we have continued to gather information and we are now more sure that we can make the floors work.  Like everything, its just a matter of how much money you want to throw at the problem.

The focus group is coming together nicely, and I hope we get the right mix of people attending the sessions.  We are focusing on craft beer enthusiasts, in hopes that they will help us with naming our brewery, and a few other minor details we are interested to learn more about.

Lots to do, and in the next week I will be sure to blog all about it.


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