Sneak Peak at our Plans!

OK, I can’t release all the plans for our space, but I sure can give you a “teaser” of what things may look like.  More will come when we actually sign a lease …. which should be the topic of my next blog.  “Lack of signing a lease stress.”  Anyhow, hopefully those who know the rules around brewery lounges in Vancouver will appreciate the connection we are going to have.  The brewhouse is literally within arms length of the tasting room!

Sneak peak brewery


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at our Plans!

    1. locuswest Post author

      OMFG …. I can’t believe we have spent so much time and effort on this space, and we still don’t have a signed lease. WTF am I thinking? It is such a huge leap of faith, and one that I may never to be able to recover from if it does’t go right. We will share a beer in the near future, I am certain of that.


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