Tasting Room Feedback Please

We are in the middle of planning the exact layout and functionality of our tasting room for the brewery.  There are a lot of variables that go into the fit and finish of the space, not the least of which is the experience of all our supporters/patrons.  A close second would be the amount of money we have left over at the end of this process to finish the space.  As such, and likely because you have more experience than anyone visiting tasting rooms in Vancouver and beyond, we want your feedback and help so that we build a functional, interesting and immersive space the first time around.

So given this, please pass along your feedback.  You can send it directly to me at startingacraftbrewery@gmail.com or you can post a comment below.  I want to know everything!  The good, the bad and the ugly on anything and everything.  If you need some help with what we are looking for, here are some items we are looking to get feedback around (don’t feel limited by my list, you can push any information you think is relevant our way):

  • How much separation between tasting room and brewery: Brick wall, no wall, or glass window, etc.
  • What kind of seating do you want:  Bench, smaller tables, long communal tables, bar seating, lots of standing room areas, etc
  • Do you want TV’s?
  • What do you want to see on the walls?  Artwork, Descriptions of the brewery equipment?
  • What works and doesn’t work in a growler fill area?
  • Would separate bars for Growler and Tasting Room sales be a good thing?
  • What are best practices for growler fill areas?
  • What is the average price of growler fills and pints in the tasting room out there?
  • What kind of food would you want to see on a menu given there would be a very limited kitchen?
  • Would you want pre-filled growlers so you could just switch your empty out for a new one, making your stay very quick?
  • What would your expectations be around brewery tours?
  • Do you care about the details/finishing of the space?  Concrete floors OK, if we are broke are picnic tables OK, etc?  In other words does a tasting finished like P49 matter versus one finished like 33 Acres?
  • Anything else come to mind?  I want to hear it.

So that is it.  In the future, we are likely going to hold another focus group on a bunch of stuff around our space, and what we learn from your feedback now will help set the stage for that.  Thanks for our help and feedback, it means more to me than you can imagine.


7 thoughts on “Tasting Room Feedback Please

  1. mikescraftbeer

    I will think on all these points but I want brewery tours personally. Scripted ones are not important just having the ability to walk around and see all of the Brewing equipment.

  2. mikescraftbeer

    Let’s get started why don’t we.

    – I personally like to see the brewery from the tasting room itself such as bridge Brewing Company (I know small scale).
    – you can skimp here to start but I love the big long communal tables of the alibi room quite a bit. Forces you to meet new and interesting people.
    – I am not opposed to tv’s as I will always avoid establishments without them if my Canucks or Loins are on. No exception.
    – I really like the art gallery feel myself. Especially if it displays local artists. Even more so if local artists can sell their pieces.
    – I like a separate bar for growler fills myself. I also think it is mandatory to use some sort of growler filler to reverse pressurize the growlers before fill. I often buy my growlers for a later date.
    – see last point
    – not sure what you are asking here. But I will guess. Some breweries are getting people to write their name on a piece of paper with the beer they want. Then attach it to their growlers. This seems to speed up the fills.
    – growler fills seem to run between $12 for average ABV and $15 for higher ABV. Some barrel aged big imperials go higher through for sure. Not sure on pints because many are just serving sleeves for around $3.5 to $4.
    – good easy snack food is never a bad idea in a brewery. Maybe make up a tapas menu with little bites.
    -. Pre fills can be nice but I rarely use the correct brand growler so it is not always easy for me with those.
    – my expectation is to be able to check out the brewery and take photos. Possibly ask questions.
    – finish is such a personal thing. I like some of the really well manicured breweries but then I have a huge soft spot for the dingy, wet and funky Storm Brewing.
    – just make the spot a reflection of yourself because if it isn’t it will show soon enough.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  3. Nathaniel Senff

    The coolest room I’ve seen as of late was the old Wild Rose brewery in Calgary. They had a great window behind the bar that looked out into the brewery (that could be closed as needed). the P49 closed circuit feed from the brewery almost replaces that. (they also made a chandelier from old work lights)

  4. jason

    Some separation between brewery and tasting room is probably a good idea. Breweries are steamy, loud and unpredictable as well as being full of foul-mouthed pirates (brewers). Also some separation is nice for the brew staff.


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