Demolition Day …

Its a day we have long been waiting for.  Demolition.  Today we get to take out our frustrations and anger with the swing of a sledgehammer and the power of tools.  I will be sure to take video and photos of our work and post them here later on this weekend.

We hope with the demolition of our space, we will start fresh and instil some positive energy and feelings into this space.  We have already had a small ceremony to start the process of removing unwanted spirits, and creating our own guardian spirit in its place.  We understand removing what was there will help a lot in the progression of this.  After demolition is complete we have scheduled a local shaman to come in and perform a ceremony to finalize the process of removing the old and negative spirits.

Anyhow, demolition day is a big day in the life of any renewal, and for our brewery it is going to be no different.


3 thoughts on “Demolition Day …

  1. chewy149

    I just found your blog today and read through your journey up to this point and wanted to first congratulate you on having the ambition and drive to start this adventure and then having the commitment and fortitude to get to where you are. I came across your blog because I just realized that opening my own craft brewery is my dream as well. I would love to talk with you sometime on what you did in the first 4 years to get to where you were when this blog started. I look forward to hearing more about your progress in the future. Good luck!!

    1. locuswest Post author

      Hi There, I am glad to contribute to the craft beer community through this project. Realizing that you want to open a brewery is the first step in a long journey. For some people it goes much quicker than it has for me, but every path is different. I would say the groups of notes I have put together on the process of starting a craft brewery, and each phase of the process outlines best what you should focus on. There may be a few details missing, but really follow those steps and you should be fine. For me, everything started with a business plan, so get a good business plan workbook and start hammering away on the details of your business. Good luck and are you in Vancouver? If so, stop by when we open our doors and say hi.


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