General Update on Progress

Rather than finding the time to write about what has happened in the past 60 days or so, I thought it would be better to just post this video.  It is impossibly hard to do all the things needed to start this brewery, and hopefully this video gives you an idea of all the things we have done.  So sit back and enjoy this video, and hopefully we will see you in about 6 weeks.


3 thoughts on “General Update on Progress

  1. Rob

    The footage of the brewhouse being driven down Hwy 1 is hilarious! What a sight. I could watch an entire video of that. Really looking forward to your opening!

    1. locuswest Post author

      Thanks Rob … we have about 25 minutes of that video if you are bored and want me to send it over LOL. We look forward to bending an elbow with you very shortly.


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