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OK, so that cat is out of the bag, we are going to be named Strange Fellows Brewing.  It was first disclosed by Ryan Tessier at VanCity Buzz, and you can view the article here.  It was a long process, and one that had enough ups and downs to fill a book.  At the end of the day, we realized that we are kind of strange, so we picked a name that suits our personalities.  Through this process we learned you need the right name for your business.  Don’t settle and push through the tough times to make sure you end up at a happy place … for everyone involved.

Now is the time that I need your help.  While neither of the logos are firm in final design, the basic shape and feel of the logo is there.  So can you help us out and vote on which of these 2 logos you like.

Logo #1 (on the left) or Logo #2 (on the right)



For those of you who care, this was the full list of names that we were drawing on for our brewery.  We had run a little contest where people sent their name into us, and if we used it we would offer compensation to that person.  However, we ended up going with our own selection, and after it has set in, we really like the name.  You see, picking a name is kind of like trying to get someone else to like your musical taste.  Some people like it and some people don’t, and everyone has something to say.  We had several names that looked like they were free, but after getting our lawyer to do a name search, we realized that there were similar sounding names, and that would put a trademark in jeopardy.  So to all new breweries out there who are dealing with a name, hopefully this list can inspire you a little.

Here are the list of names that were submitted.

  1. Murder Overhead Brewing
  2. Clark Drive Brewing
  3. East Van Brewing
  4. Strathcona Brewing
  5. Woodland Brewing
  6. Asynchronous Brewing
  7. Boxcar Brewing
  8. Abstraction Brewing
  9. Notch 8 Brewing
  10. China Creek Brewing
  11. Knotted Brewing
  12. Deckhand Brewing
  13. Arbutus Brewing
  14. Old Fox Brewing
  15. Reynard Brewing
  16. Acorn Brewing
  17. Juniper Brewing
  18. Roundabout Brewing
  19. Tandem Brewing
  20. Hummingbird Brewing
  21. East Side Brewing
  22. North Down Brewing
  23. Folken Brewing
  24. Neighbourhood Brewing
  25. Borough Brewing
  26. Colony Brewing
  27. Outpost Brewing
  28. Foundation Brewing
  29. Kindred Brewing
  30. Origins Brewing
  31. East Village Brewing
  32. Orange Brewing
  33. Hubbub Brewing
  34. United Brewing
  35. Hawthorne Brewing
  36. Roadhouse Brewing
  37. Atelier Brewing
  38. Geist Brewing
  39. Kilderkin Brewing
  40. Woodland Brewing
  41. Guildhouse Brewing
  42. Fairhaven Brewing
  43. Uninhibited Brewing
  44. Unity Brewing
  45. Grey Skies Brewing
  46. Puddlejumper Brewing
  47. Chestnut Brewing
  48. Treelined Streets Brewing
  49. Urban Forest Brewing
  50. Chieftan Brewing
  51. Vulpine Brewing
  52. Tempest Brewing
  53. Collaboration Brewing
  54. Snowberry Brewing
  55. Old Fox Brewing
  56. Down and Out Brewing
  57. Lapse in Judgement Brewing
  58. Two Friends Brewing
  59. Kitsune Brewing
  60. Bedlam Brewing
  61. The District Brewing
  62. Kith and Kin Brewing
  63. Hieronymus Brewing
  64. Terminal City Brewing
  65. Veronus Brewing
  66. Strange Fellows Brewing
  67. Western Front Brewing
  68. Saltwater City Brewing
  69. Craft Dodger Brewing
  70. Craft Wood Brewing
  71. Hastings Mill Brewing
  72. Lost Creek Brewing
  73. Lands’ End Brewing
  74. False Creek Brewing
  75. Muse Brewing
  76. East of Main Brewing
  77. Ampersand Brewing
  78. Wet Stew Brewing
  79. Seven Eves Brewing
  80. OuestMonk Brewing
  81. Jonquille Brewing

20 thoughts on “Vote here

  1. Jamie

    Greetings from Niagara Falls, Ont.
    How about Sea2Sky Brewing.
    Good luck with everything
    Look forward to having a pint or 2 of your fine beer one day

  2. Corinne

    Hi there! I came across your blog as I started brewing beer at home and I’m also from Vancouver 🙂

    I also run my own business and have a tip about choosing your name. Don’t pick one that will tie you down to a particular area. I recently went through the process of changing my company name because it was too specific and wasn’t applicable for how I wanted to expand my business. It was a lot of paperwork and fees that I could have avoided if I had picked a better name from the get go.

    So you might be shooting yourself in the foot later on if you name it something like Clark Drive brewing. Just my 2 cents 🙂

    Good luck with everything! I really look forward to visiting your brewery when you open.

    1. locuswest Post author

      Hey There,

      Didn’t get your name, but thanks for reading my blog and checking out what we are up to.

      Your advice on our name is something that I totally agree with. I tend to shy away from place names, and think that more general names, or interesting words are the route we will end up taking.

      We should have our name complete by the end of the year. We are so focused on finishing some plans for the City that we haven’t even thought about our name.

      The first beer with be on my when you visit our brewery!


    1. locuswest Post author

      Thanks Jon, I appreciate our feedback and comments. Acorn is a great name for many reasons … our concern with it as a name is around people calling our brewery “corny” or “a corny brewing” …. just makes us worry about it a little. Any others stick out?

      1. Jon

        Agreed on nicknames. It is definitely something to be mindful of. I think you need a name that

        1. Does NOT include numbers – I cant get over how cliche this is, especially when it’s area code based. We have a “303 Brewing” company here in Colorado, where the area code is 303. How lame is that!

        2. Can easily be shortened/nicknamed

        3. Are cool and potentially clever, but not overdone. For instance, we have a some great local breweries named “Fate,” “New Belgium,” “Oskar Blues,” and “Avery.” All pretty cool names. Easy to pronounce, and not lame.

        4. Is not lame or overused – A local brewery is named “Front Range” brewing. Come on… In this area, what isn’t named “Front Range XYZ?” Front Range everything. Think outside the box!

        5. Not overdone. When you get so damned clevery/tricker/crafty with the name, sometimes the story doesn’t align with the beers. A local brewery here is called “Odd 13” and it’s all about superheroes and blah blah blah. Hoppy Professor, etc… Some people might find this amusing but honestly, it is an over marketed brewery with average beer. So guess what! No matter how cool the marketing is, if you don’t have pretty good beer (and possibly food), then I won’t be back.

        And as a side note… As much as it seems painful to the very passionate people like yourself, craft beer is craft beer. There are a few refined palettes that can really analyze and distinguish between beers. But at the end of the day, a cool name, decent marketing, good (not necessarily great) beer, good food, friendly service, good location, good parking… and you are on your way to success.

        Good luck!!

      2. locuswest Post author

        Hi Jon, I love your comments. They pretty much match exactly what the focus group said about our name. Our name is so important to us, and we have been really wrestling with this decision. A couple of the names we like have been trademarked already, so we can’t use them. Others, just don’t seem to fit with the direction our brewery is taking. At the end of the day, I agree with your last point, just go for it, and as long as we do ok, we should be good to go.

  3. Jeremy

    Starlingcraft Brewing
    HobbyCraft Brewing
    Warehouse Craft Brewing
    Swishwash Brewing
    Hoppernatural Brewing
    Daft Draught Craft (DDC) Brewing
    Trew Brewing (sounds like True – just to confuse people)
    Crispin Froth Brewing
    Quakerhouse Almanac Brewing
    or if you think your business plan is sound:
    Almanac Brewing

    FWIW…I think I had too many shots of that Glenfiddich master Select… and I found your blog because I’m thinking of starting up a craft brewery in Windsor, ON… good luck!!

    1. locuswest Post author

      Love some of these names. Wish you had answered a few weeks ago while we were still knee deep in name selection. We have narrowed our search down to 2 names, and are currently running them through trademarking so we can let people vote on them and go with the winner. You are a lucky man to have a night with Glenfiddich master select … wish I was your wingman for that.

  4. Christopher McTurnan

    I too have the dream of opening my own brewery once I retire from the military in 5 years. My name is what I plan on using for the breweries name however there are several spellings and variations of it dating back to Gaelic Ireland which is the variation I am going to use. If this was an option for you it would be a neat way to incorporate family history and a unique brand name.

    1. locuswest Post author

      I think being genuine with a name is really important. The fact that you have Irish roots is amazing in brewing beer. Good luck on getting to retirement and starting your real career. Thanks also for checking in.

  5. Sport Cars Buzz

    We’re a gaggle of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our
    community. Your site provided us with helpful info
    to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our whole neighborhood will
    be grateful to you.

    1. locuswest Post author

      Hey There, we are so excited to be part of an amazing community in East Vancouver. We look forward to immersing ourselves within this area, and taking part in all the activities that make it a special place to call home.


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